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English Drama Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2023

By Lim En Qi (4C’23), Mak Yu Heng Zofeya (4A’23), Megan Ang Jing Wen (4D’23), Aloysius Timothy Khoo Tze Heng (4B’23), Yeo Ziqing (4E’23)

Shoes, Lost and Found. The title of the play that has been stirring in the minds of all members of English drama as we pour in our hearts and souls to prepare for the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) on 10th April 2023, at Gateway Theatre. A touching play on familial love and sacrifice, as well as precious and unexpected friendships that come along the way, ending on a lighthearted and warming note.

Scriptwriting during the December Holidays

Welcoming our Sec 1s to English Drama!

Our members put their hearts and shoes into this play, having run after run of rehearsals to nail their lines and blockings, in order to portray their characters the best they can be. Under the strict but nurturing guidance of our coach, Mr Oliver Chong, we managed to fit the blockings within the boundaries of the stage, which brought our script to life.

On the bus to Gateway Theatre for our dry run!

Practise run at Gateway Theatre

A panorama view of our last practice session before SYF

Our last script-read at Gateway Theatre

Along the way, we faced many challenges, one of which was exceeding the time limit of 15 minutes. Though time was limited, we managed to overcome it with the help of our coach. After a gruelling 5 months of hard work, we were proud to present our piece to the judges. As we walked out of Gateway Theatre, the smiles and relief of our members made it clear that we had done an excellent job, and more importantly, reflected the newfound sense of camaraderie and friendships among our members.

Our bright (and goofy) smiles after an amazing performance at Gateway Theatre

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