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Unsure about your life in JC? You're not alone

Reiko Hungee (24J08)

I’ve always been an indecisive person. At Primary 4, I was deciding whether or not to take Higher Chinese. At Primary 6, I was torn between which Secondary School to attend. Even recently, at the end of Sec 4, I was unsure what subject combination to take in JC. So it came as a surprise to no one when I realised that I have absolutely zero clue as to what I want to do after JC.

If you’re anything like me, you have probably gone through a similar experience. Everyone around us seems to have their path all planned out, yet here we stand, not even sure of what to eat for lunch tomorrow. Our time in JC is short — only two years — so we feel the need to start thinking about our future now…

What could we even do? People around me all tell the same story, “Just do what you love!” Well, if I could make a living off of lazing around, I would. Unfortunately, that is not an option as of right now, hence, here are some ways that might be able to help us find our path, our true calling in life.

Talking to the ECG Counselor

One obvious and most commonly used method would be to consult our school’s very own Education and Career Guidance Counselor. Not only can Ms Joleen Lim answer all your burning questions regarding your future, but she also works with a whole group of teachers who form the school’s ECG team. Their website is also incredibly handy. You can book an appointment to see Ms Lim and seek her advice. Personally, I talked to her once, before choosing my JC subject combination. I was in a dilemma between H1 and H2 Economics, but a chat with her really helped to clear my mind. You can also find out more information about any of the latest ECG events happening at school! This can really help you to seize any opportunities that come your way.

Our school’s very own ECG Room, located on Level 1, near the bookshop.

Going to University Open Houses

Another great way to slowly figure your path out would be to visit Open Houses. Universities all over Singapore host Open Houses all throughout the year to showcase their faculties and what they do. Foreign universities also set up booths every now and then for this same purpose. Going to these events can be very beneficial to the average indecisive JC student (me), as you get to talk to people who have had actual experience in the course you may be looking at. Even if you do not know which field you may wish to go into, taking a walk around the various booths can give you a better sense of your options. Last year, I went to NTU’s Open House with my sister. While the main point was for her to take a look at the courses, I found myself learning a lot about the school too. Roaming around the booths gave me a better understanding of the post-JC life. Hence, maybe drop by a university’s open house every once in a while. After casting your net wide, you may just find the right course for you!

Talking to Seniors/Going for Dialogue Sessions

Maybe talking to random strangers at open houses is not your thing. In that case, you could try something closer to home – confiding in the people around you. Be it seniors from school who have graduated or older siblings/cousins, people who have lived through it will probably give the best advice. They may share some insights on how they found out what they wanted to do after JC, and you can take a page out of their book to write your own story. My senior from CCA, having just graduated from JC, shared with me that she found her passion while gardening. “I realised my passion for plants and all things green, which is why I want to pursue Environmental Science,” she told me. I always feel a little amazed when people speak so freely and easily about their passions in life, but one day you and I could be like them too! Not only can your seniors tell you how they figured out their paths, they can also give good advice. I recently attended HSSLA’s Alumni Dialogue session, where 3 graduated RVians shared their stories and advice on how to conquer JC. Conversation with such shining seniors can really motivate you to excel and find a path that can allow you to do that. Thus, you may want to sit down and have a little chat with one of them!

Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

And finally, if that all does not work, if you are not really looking to talk to anyone, perhaps the first step should be small. You could do something you normally would not do and make a bold decision. Through such experiences, you might be able to discover something new about yourself that you never knew was there before. Who knows, these new self-discoveries could develop into a passion. Some of my friends have picked up crocheting over the holidays, and even sold a few pieces! 

A piece of work that my friend, Nicole, is really proud of!

Stepping out of your comfort zone can also allow you to take any chances you get. If you are like me, you would rather spend the day lazing around at home than going to an Open House and having to interact with people. But if we just take the extra step to try, we may get some valuable information out of the experience! So, the next time you’re looking to try something different, maybe pick up a new hobby or get food from the new store at the Kopitiam that you have been meaning to try.

However, all this being said, remember that only one person can decide your future: you. No matter what other people say or do, I hope you find a path that is truly, uniquely yours! 

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