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Voices of our future

By Teoh Chen Jun (23J12), Lim Sing Yang Stanley (23J16)

Hey Rvians! It has been a week since the end of Y.LEAD. We hope that everyone involved had fun, gained new insights and made new friends through Y.LEAD. Those who participated in Y.LEAD, still reminiscing about the fun? Those who had not, curious to gain some insights into the famous 'Y.LEAD'? Worry not, for this article will explain the various committees of Y.LEAD, show you the experiences of everyone involved, with advice from members of the organising committee, for those interested in organising Y.LEAD in J1.

Y.LEAD 2023 Organising committee + facils on commencement day

Entirely planned by our JC1s, Y.LEAD (Youth Leverage Educate Actuate Develop) aims to develop the awareness of global social challenges and the traits of a leader in youths. The theme for this year is S.T.A.G.E, which stands for Social Support, Technology, Arts and Culture, Governance and Environment.

Y.LEAD's participants are all Year 3 Students in RV, as well as students from other secondary schools.

This article will highlight the experiences of our participants , organising committee, and facilitators

The organising committees are the backbone of Y.LEAD. Each of the 8 organising committees—Chairpersons, Admin and Logistics (ADGI), Ceremonies, Investigative Journey (IJ), Panel Discussion (PD), Leadership Challenge (LC), Media and Production and the Facilitation committee—is responsible for planning out their respective components of Y.LEAD. They had worked really hard behind-the-scenes to ensure that everything had run smoothly.

The Chairpersons are the core of the whole Y.LEAD seminar, and together they coordinate the remaining seven committees 🫡.

The Chairpersons committee

ADGI takes care of the logistics behind all the fun activities planned out, and they are the ones who curated our beautiful Y.LEAD mass display!

The Admin and Logistics committee

Remember the eventful opening ceremony and the unforgettable Commencement? Well, they are both planned out by the Ceremonies committee.

The Ceremonies Committee

Participants went to a total of 6 different locations for their physical learning journey, and were engaged in a series of virtual learning journeys, all thoughtfully planned out by IJ. Some of our own members in the IJ committee were the ones who gave the tour to participants!

The Investigative Journey committee

PD contacted the different speakers to give informative speeches about the different sub-themes.

The Panel Discussion committee

LC came up with various activities such as the Leadership Development and the Leadership Challenge, which pushed participants to the edge of their potential, and beyond.

The Leadership Challenge committee

Wowed by the amazing posts and video montages ✨ on the Y.LEAD Instagram page? Media worked tirelessly behind the scenes to produce these videos with our precious memories, and had to race against time to edit the pictures and videos for next day’s use.

The Media and Productions committee

Last but definitely not the least, we have the Facilitation committee! They came up with the cute dance moves, and were also the ones who trained the facilitators, making sure that the facilitators understood all that had been planned by the organising committees. They were also the ones who spread the spirit of Y.LEAD!

The Facilitation committee

Our facilitators play the crucial role of taking care of our participants and guiding them throughout the duration of Y.LEAD, as well as keeping the spirits of the group up, making the Y.LEAD experience a memorable one for all participants.

Now, let’s hear from the participants and OCs themselves about their experiences in Y.LEAD.

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