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Student leaders stepping up to serve

By Low Ying Hui Charlize (4H), Aloysius Timothy Khoo Tze Heng (4B), Tan Yi Kheng (4C)

On March 31, 2023, the Secondary 4 cohort convened at the school hall to attend the Student Leaders' Investiture 2023. The ceremony aimed to acknowledge the hard work of the 44th Student Councillors and to formally appoint the Councillors of the 45th High School Students' Council and the CCA leaders.

Mr Lau, our Vice Principal, presenting the certificates of appreciation to the 44th High School Students’ Council president, Chin Xie Ling

Our 44th High School Students’ Council stepping down

The Department of Development and Collaboration stepping up

45th High School Students’ Council stepping up

This year's Investiture ceremony was a significant milestone in the history of RV as it expanded beyond the Student Councillors to involve and recognize more student leaders. The Presidents and Vice-presidents of various Co-Curricular Activities were installed together with the student councillors. This includes our Aesthetics, Uniform Groups, Sports, and Clubs and Societies CCAs. 

Our Sports Leaders getting invested

Our Clubs and Societies’ Leaders on stage getting invested

Our Uniformed Groups’ Leaders bowing

Our Aesthetics’ Leaders getting invested

We hope this change will help forge stronger bonds among the various groups of student leaders and thereby promote more meaningful collaboration to strengthen the school spirit. The Investiture ceremony marks the beginning of a new journey for our newly appointed leaders, who have pledged to serve the student body with their utmost effort and passion.

Our Leaders taking the Leaders’ Oath

The theme for this year's Investiture was “精诚团结,共创未来”. The school hopes that all student leaders will work together with a single mind and unite to create a better future for all RVians. We also hope that the student leaders will spare no effort in leading their fellow students to achieve new heights at our school. The Investiture ceremony is a testament to the student leaders’ commitment to nurturing future leaders who will make a positive impact on our school community.

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