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TESLA @ Youth Environment Camp 2022

By Jolene Wong - 22J01, Chun Xin Ying - 22J15, Guan Rui - 22J15, Suzanne Bay Zhiting - 22J15, Wong Kang Lim - 22J15

From 20 to26 November 2022, 5 members (Jolene Wong - 22J01, Chun Xin Ying, Guan Rui, Suzanne Bay Zhiting, Wong Kang Lim - 22J15) of the Eco-Sustainability Leadership Academy (TESLA) took part in the Youth Environment Camp (YEC) 2022 that was held at Regional Language Center International Hotel, Singapore.

The YEC 2022 is an international Youth programme with the aim to promote environment stewardship amongst youths. Organised by the National University of Singapore and supported by Temasek Foundation, the camp brings together ASEAN youths to discuss current issues in Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability.

The theme of the camp was Carbon Footprint, and various lectures by keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, learning journeys, and student presentations related to the theme took place during the five-day camp.

It was truly an eye-opening experience for every one of us who participated in this camp. From learning about carbon sinks from experts from NUS to visiting Insectta and learning more about Black Soldier Flies, we had certainly gained much knowledge on the topic of carbon footprint and what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

Not only that, having the opportunity to work with friends from our ASEAN counterparts have also enriched our views and we have learned more about the varying situations of climate change in their respective countries.

We would like to thank our teachers-in-charge, Mr Daryl Lim and Mr Eric Ng, for their guidance and support throughout the camp, as well as Temasek Foundation and National University of Singapore for providing us with the opportunity to take part in this prestigious camp.

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