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Teacher’s Day 2022: The Brightest Light

By Dong XinYue (22J19) and Lynsy Chua Ling Xi (22J11)


As a Japanese proverb goes, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” While being hardworking in our studies is one of the most effective and common ways to excel in life, teachers also greatly impact our academic journey.

This year, RV held its first live Teachers’ day concert in three years since the start of the covid-19 pandemic. A fun-filled day with performances by various CCAs, meticulous planning by the student council and cheers from the teachers and students. Let’s take a closer look at this year's celebration.

The emcees greeted the school enthusiastically and invited RVCO (River Valley Chinese Orchestra) to kick-start the series of performances with the songs “ 那些年” and “小幸运” .

Students waiting for the concert to start (Pic credits: RV Photography Club)

The Highlights

Our school’s Wushu showed off an awe-inspiring combination of strength and flexibility through their kicks and flips, and culminated in the “立化拳”, which is choreographed by RVians. This performance is unique to RV as every RVian would learn this choreography during their first year of studying here.

RV Wushu showcase (Pic credits: RV Photography Club)

ELDDS (English Literary, Drama and Debate Society) showcased a skit that hit home to many. In the skit, a student was seen frustrated while studying. The skit proceeded to show a teacher comforting the student, listening to her worries and providing her advice. The skit aptly demonstrates the care that our teachers show toward us, seeing how important teachers are as pillars of strength and support to students.

The last item of the day, CLDDS (Chinese Literary, Drama and Debate Society) put on a skit titled “早安,立华”, in which they incorporated interviews with RV staff and gave us a behind-the-scenes view of their work lives.

CLDDS performing live! (Pic credits: RV Photography Club)


During the mass singing, the unity of RVians could be witnessed as students stood up and wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders, and swaying while singing the lyrics of the songs ”立化美女“ and “立化情”.

Students during mass singing (Pic credits: RV Photography Club)

Insights From a Performer

As one of the CLDDS performers, Dong Xinyue from 22J19 had participated in all dry runs, as well as multiple CCA sessions to prepare for the concert. She revealed that performers had to arrive by 6.45 am that day for preparations such as make-up and rehearsals.

Sharings By Teachers

When interviewed, our teachers laughed as they shared about their memorable experiences as a teacher. Ms Astor Teo joked about how marking homework takes up “每一分, 每一刻,每一秒” (every minute, every moment and every second). She even pointed to her dark eye circles, proving just how much time she had sacrificed for “学生的前途” (students’ future).

Ms Teo receiving The Humorous Award

Ms See-toh shared with us how a red hand-painted tile with a cow on it was the most memorable gift she has received throughout her years of teaching. During our interview, Ms See-toh also revealed that she once provided a student reassurance that it was alright not attaining the PSC scholarship, and that any obstacles in life does not mean they are lacking as a person.

In fact, Ms See-toh still meets up with that student to catch up with them. To all RVians, Ms See-toh would like to remind everyone to “put in your best effort and be open to alternatives in life. Look for silver linings and blessings abundant.”

As the chinese saying goes, “十年树木,百年树人”, it might only take ten years to grow a tree but to nurture one student requires much more time and effort. It is not easy for our teachers as they try their best to develop and support us.

Through this year's teachers day celebration, many performances by our schoolmates highlight the importance of staff in RV. Let us take this opportunity to thank them for their unwavering care and support toward us.

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