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Behind our love for the RV sky

Chong Qing Ya 23J01

Have you ever laid on the field, staring up at the sky with a blank mind, and found the sky so big, felt the huge entity that is the world? The sky is such a huge aspect of our lives, and many of us find ourselves with an urge to just take out our phones and snap a picture of it. Why do we do so?

Well, one possible reason is to protect our privacy, while still commemorating what happened in some way. Scrolling through my Instagram, I often see people posting pictures of the sky. It is simple to share things with the whole world, but we are also frightened by how easily we could destroy our privacy in the process.

While we often post happy things on our social media, life is not always a carnival of silly photos. There are sometimes moments of sadness — and moments of private happiness too, that we want to commemorate briefly in some way. Some choose to write it down in a journal to mark the moment, but for us who often do not have a pen but often have our phones – ready to be taken out from our pockets, to be pointed at the sky. ☁️

Picture taken from Pixabay

Another reason is a simpler one: we do it just to record down a beautiful sky with interesting clouds, and even rainbows 🌈.

During my time in RV, I remember that there were double rainbows in the RV skies a couple of times. Of course, everyone was in awe of the double rainbows, and everyone took a picture of it. That day, my Instagram stories were filled with pictures of the double rainbow. 😂 Sharing the pictures also helped to spread joy to those seeing it! 😁

A double rainbow in the RV sky on 29/3/23

The next reason is that pictures of the sky are a way for us to document our lives in RV, as each day passes by.

Pictures were provided by Puan Yi Hui from 23J15

“I take a picture of the RV sky every morning because I love RV, and I find it healing too. Honestly, I never knew these pics will ever come to use... now I feel more determined to take sky pics every morning before I graduate.” —Puan Yi Hui from 23J15

Taking pictures of the RV sky can be a way we capture our precious memories of our beloved campus, and many years later, looking back at the pictures will bring back a sense of nostalgia. The pictures can also serve as a diary, of sorts, recording the day for us.

So, no matter what you are feeling — happy, sad, take a quick snap of the sky. Looking through your photo album at the pictures, you will find that you will likely not be able to remember the details of what happened on that day, but that beautiful picture of the sky will be forever immortalised. It is such a great way to capture your day.

What are you waiting for? The next time you see a beautiful sky with interesting clouds, or when you are going about your day. At the price of a brief few seconds, and a few megabytes of storage space, you get to forever capture that precious moment and store that memory forever.

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