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Really Very (Good Food)

By Renee Sim Enqi (22J10) and Heng Rui Yuan (22J12)

As the saying goes, "the way to -anyone's- heart is through their stomach" (and we believe that no rvian is any different😏) so open up your heart (and your mouth WIDE😋☺️) and give these meals a shot!

We believe the RV canteen hardly needs any formal introduction, one may say it's even one of the greatest wonders of RV, a one-stop location where your energy is REPLENISHED and needs are FULFILLED. The question of how that would be possible to achieve may now be at the forefront of your mind. To answer this question that will change the trajectory of our lives, it is, of course, attributed to none other than the WIDE variety of dishes that offer PLENTIFUL flavours and textures that just melts on your tongue! Just take a scroll down this article to bless your eyes and see it for yourself!

Ready for the food journey of a lifetime? Prepare the sensory organs on your physiognomy for this bountiful feast ahead!


Variety of 酿豆腐

Savoury. Tantalising. And oh so scrumpdillyicious. These words describe but a fraction of the delicious goodness offered at the 超级酿豆腐 stall. There are mushrooms, cheese tofus, wontons and more- take your pick! And I assure you that you will be spoilt for choice while customising your own favourite bowl of noodles. With ingredients that are cooked to perfection in water of a temperature that is just right, the QQ texture will not disappoint as you take a bite into the snappy noodles that WILL snap back. With its mouth-watering flavours enrapturing your mouth and stimulating your taste buds, you'll soon grow to associate the bowl of noodles with the hearty and heart-warming goodness it provides.


Chocolate Waffle

Having little time between classes and finding yourself in need of a quick bite? FRET NOT as the yummy waffles sold at the Bakers@RV stall will be sure to save you from a hungry tummy. An assortment of flavours ranging from blueberry to cheese are provided (but if you were to ask me, I'd say it would be preposterous to not try out their chocolate waffles). With waffles that are perfectly baked to a golden brown, its fluffiness is no different from a bed of puffy clouds, simulating textures and sensations that one may only experience with their heads up in the clouds. Eating these waffles is the closest you can get to experiencing a PERFECT FANTASY.

Chinese Delights


Want to experience a rollercoaster ride situated right in the heart of River Valley? Slurp along as this delectable congee takes a trip down your oesophagus and right into your small AND large intestines, bringing you on a rollercoaster of flavours and emotions that I'm sure you have not experienced YET. And if you're feeling especially adventurous, sauces are also provided to heighten the flavours and sensations of the otherwise simple and heartwarming bowl of congee.


Xian Cao

Take a sip (or a BIG GULP) of the cold and refreshing Xian Cao at Squish! With a generous scoop of jelly provided, it really complements the SWEET and UNIQUE beverage. It'll even feel like a BOUNCY CASTLE in your mouth as you get to chew and savour the texture of the jelly mixed with the sweetness of the beverage. So do be sure to grab your own cup after a hot and tiring day! I mean, who doesn't like jelly?

That 面摊

Braised Pork Noodles (卤肉面)

To say that the taste of this bowl of braised pork noodles transcends the human realm is certainly an understatement, because it is SO GOOD. The texture of the noodles is bouncy, and the braised egg and soft braised pork really complement each other. These elements of the dish truly elevate its aromatic taste that your toes will start tingling because of HOW IMPOSSIBLY GOOD THIS BOWL OF NOODLES IS. YOU HAVE TO TRY. It surely is a comforting bowl of noodles that will calm your nerves.

Lor Mee

To add, the stall also sells Lor Mee, which is a hearty bowl definitely worth a try along with the braised pork noodles, too!


Mee Goreng and Fried Kway Teow

This plate of noodles is SO FLAVOURFUL I could see an explosion of colours behind my eyes as I indulged in the palatable noodles. My senses were heightened and fiery upon ingesting the noodles, and it surely satisfied my cravings for something packed with spices. The noodles are certainly not a let down, as they are reminiscent of the traditional mee goreng that we are all familiar with. To add, it is not overly spicy that only the greatest alphas can handle the spice. Fret not, you won’t start hyperventilating, or find that your nostrils are flaring because of the spice level. On the contrary, it is pleasantly savoury that it will prompt you to want to take another bite.


Cheese Chicken Rice

Dive into this bowl of goodness, and I am sure you will live life with no regrets. It may sound unconventional, and somewhat of an unexpected addition to a dish, but the cheese and mayonnaise truly highlight the essence of this dish, that is, the chicken, and makes your mouth water. Your nerves will be spiked upon the first taste, and you will find yourself gobbling up every last bit of rice you can gather with the spoon. In no time, you will find yourself joining the queue again and ordering yet another bowl.

Noodles Recipe

Hokkien Mee and Fried Kway Teow, with Mala Chicken

As the fork pierced through the mala chicken, and my nose caught a whiff of the fragrant mala spices. I knew in an instant that this dish would be imprinted on my memory, because it SMELLS GOOD. I absolutely love the chicken, and how it went really well for the accompanying noodles! Now, while the star of the dish here is undeniably the chicken, it is still irrefutable that the noodles are really delicious! The dish is really filling, and you will be pleasantly full!

Conclusion of (Conclusion to/End of/ Finale of/ The Food Bus(sin) Journey: The Finale/Epilogue) The Food Bus(sin) Journey

Now, after perusing this article with the greatest attention to every minute detail, we hereby declare that you are a certified food connoisseur of the RV cuisine. Whenever your stomach begins to sound with the slightest beats of the sickest rap in the town, and growls for more delicacies, you will no longer be at a loss when it comes to your next meal.

Next time you head down for your breaks, upon your teacher's acknowledgement of a dismissal, run faster than you did for your NAPFA 2.4km test, and reach the grounds of the canteen before any of your schoolmates do. To end, we hope you will indulge in one of the foods that will get your heart pumping faster, out of anticipation, than when you were forced to do 50 jumping jacks during physical education class.

What will you have for lunch?

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