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“Carpe Noctem”, RVHS Prom 2022

By Ting Ze Zhi, Isaac (22J08), Yap En Fei (22J14)

A night of wonder, gorgeous outfits and an atmosphere thrumming with excitement. This was none other than RV’s Prom that was held on 5 December 2022 at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the annual event made a strong comeback with the help of its organising team consisting of members from the Junior College Students’ Council and student volunteers.

Seniors at the Registration Booth

The theme for Prom 2022 was "Carpe Noctem", a Latin phrase that means “to seize the night” – a call for the J2 seniors to make the most of the night and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

“Carpe Noctem” was an apt choice as every Prom is a celebration of the J2s’ hard work — a well-deserved opportunity to revel with each other and memorialise their experiences in RV.

Prom King (Jowen Kuah, 21J15) & Prom Queen (Trina Tan, 21J13)

Throughout the months of planning, the Prom’s organising team displayed great tenacity when faced with challenges such as juggling Prom with their academics. Nevertheless, the students persevered through as they wanted to give back to their seniors by making Prom a momentous occasion for them.

“As it had been quite some time since the last Prom, we initially struggled a little but eventually managed to overcome these challenges. It was truly a fulfilling experience for all of us, one which we enjoyed immensely.” said Denise Chew of class 22J05, the Programmes committee head of Prom 2022.

Members of our Organising Committee

The event saw its success in the thorough enjoyment of our seniors, some of whom had only completed their A-Level Examinations the day before.

“I really enjoyed the memories that I made at Prom 2022. From participating in the mass singing arranged for us to all the photos we took with each other, it really allowed us to reminisce the memories that we made with each other during the course of our school lives.” said Chan Jing Wen, 21J02.

Mass Singing Segment

Seeing our seniors immersing themselves in the bittersweet atmosphere, the organising team’s tireless effort in planning Prom felt instantaneously validated.

Seniors singing & dancing together onstage

We would like to thank everyone who had supported us in making Prom 2022 a success. We hope that the experiences and memories that our seniors created at Prom will be ones that will always make them smile!

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