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“Asteria”, RVHS JC Orientation 2023

By Lutfil Hadi Bin Iskandar (22J07), Chin Zhi Xin (22J08), Gan Xi Yee (22J08), Ng Qi Heng (22J18)

RVHS JC Orientation 2023, which was held from 3rd February to 10th February, was an event that introduced J1s to JC life, and it aimed to develop a strong sense of community and belonging to RV within the J1 batch.

Through the six days of programmes planned by our J2 Organising Committee, we sought to promote a sense of school spirit within the J1 batch, while fostering a spirit of inclusiveness by engaging the J1s on a journey of self-discovery and teamwork.

“Orientation was a fruitful experience that equipped me with essential event planning skills while introducing me to many of my batchmates,” said Ng Qi Heng, 22J18, co-chairperson of the JC Orientation Organising Committee.

Selfie with Mdm Choy

The theme for this year’s Orientation is Asteria, the plural form of “Asteri”, which means star in greek. We hope JC orientation has allowed the J1s to discover their own potential and strengths while creating positive relationships. Through activities such as cohort dance and station games, J1s were able to forge lasting memories with their Orientation Groups and fellow batchmates.

JC1s working together

Cohort Display

JC Orientation 2023 was also a platform for J1s to explore various opportunities available in JC. Through activities such as the Seniors Sharing, ECG talk and the JC Life Primer, J1s were able to be better prepared for the journey ahead as they get a glimpse of what it is like to be a JC student. Our J1s now have a clearer idea of the opportunities made available to them, even beyond JC.

“JC Orientation allowed me to reimagine how I wanted to continue learning and growing in RV. It also made me realise the number of opportunities out there waiting in the next 2 years,” said Chin Xie Ling, 23J02, a participant of JC Orientation 2023.

Alumni Sharing Mass Picture

All in all, we hope that JC orientation was a fun and enriching experience for our juniors. All the best for your journey ahead, J1s!

Commencement Night

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