Teachers' Day Special Q&A

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

BY: Wong Yoke Ting, Zoelle (19J10), Ellisha Chua Hui Xuan (19J10), Lin Jiawen (4K), Ng Chenxi (19J05), Lee Jiaren (19J09), Rachel Wee (19J10), Fan Wen Rui (19J), Myat Thazin (19J18), Cheng Wenqi (19J06)

Didn’t see your teacher featured in the video? Asked a question and wondered if your teacher responded?

Fret not, read on to find out!

Ms Tee Lay Hoon, H2 Economics

Ms Tee, on the far right, enjoying her HSSLA trip to UK

Ms Tee, neon looks good on you! 😉

Favourite memory of her: How Ms Tee always takes out her spare time for consults. Her dedication towards teaching is as strong as her daily tea intake.

Q: Why is your favourite tea oolong cha?

A: drinking oolong tea ☕, the teecher calms; the storm in her teecup dissipates

Mr David Toh Hui Han, H2 Geography

Mr Toh, posing for his student/photographer, during his TESLA trip to Spain, Barcelona

You're as scenic as the flowers in the field, Mr Toh!

Favourite memory of him: Him bringing a geography map for our class (19J18) photoshoot.

Q: How do you manage to get that fabulous hair of yours? Give us some tips:)

A: Pro tips for fabulous hair (for an RV student):

Firstly, healthy hair is fabulous hair: wash and condition faithfully with products that are gentle and free of harsh chemicals like parabens and sulphates. Secondly, a good haircut will never go out of style: show your trusted hairdresser the student handbook! Thirdly and finally, fabulous hair is hair that doesn't interfere with the things you love: if that darn fringe gets in the way of your sports, your studies or your relationship with your year master, then it's time to change your style :)

Mr Benny Louis Widjaja, H2 Chemistry

Mr Widjaja posing with a plushie that’s the same shade of pink as his shirt

Favourite memory of him: Him suan-ing students during chem lessons!

Q: How do you achieve your level of suan?

A: Practice. Since students engage in foolish activities every so often, I find myself having many opportunities to practice my skills over the years.

Besides, why scold them when you can suan them instead? Students appreciate a good suan more than a good scolding.

Mr George Lim, H2 Math

Favourite memory of him: Even though I didn't understand the lecture completely, he patiently guided me step by step through the concepts :)

Q: When did you start playing the guitar? What inspired you to become a teacher?

A: I started playing guitar when I was in Sec 3. Took up a basic 12-week course and after that kept on learning more chords to accompany singing. I used to play the guitar and sing songs for all my graduating classes. But bringing guitar can be quite troublesome so nowadays I sometimes use accompaniment music instead. 😆

I enjoy teaching concepts and skills in a way easier to grasp and pick up by the learners. I find joy and fulfilment when students improve in the subject I teach.

Mr Shane Koh, H2 History

Mr Shane Koh’s photoshoot with Hacas, the group that made him tear up.

Thank you for your pizzas and love all the time Mr Koh, we really appreciate it!

Favourite memory of him: HACAS no cry, then he cried

Mr Louis Lim, English Language Arts

Mr Lim and the socks he bought for his form class last year, 3K 2018

Thank you for always reminding us to pull up our socks, Mr Lim!

Favourite memory of him: Buying sunshine bread for String Ensemble and carrying it on SYF

Mr Nazri Bin Eddy Razall, General Paper

Mr Nazri looking super cool and posing for the camera with a camera

Favourite memory of him: He spoke to me at the corridor.. and I was really touched! It was a magical moment and I would love to talk to him.

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