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Shining light on the path ahead- FAROS: RVJC ORIENTATION 2022 (Part 2)

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

By Tan Yu Xyn (21J19)

After hearing from the participants and house captains, let’s take a look behind the scenes of Faros 2022!

The Organising Committee (OC) is made up of the Programmes Committee, the Logistics Committee, the Media and Publicity Committee, and last but not least the Chairpersons, the leading lights of Orientation. Every member in the OC has worked tirelessly since November 2021 to ensure the success of the actual Orientation.

We put the ‘P’ in Programmes: Programmes Committee

Firstly, let’s hear what the Programmes Committee Head, Chua Yin Ern (21J13) and Graris Lee Wan En (21J19) have to share!

Yin Ern recounts the difficulties of having to handle and be aware of everything going on, “At any one time, different committees are working and focusing on different things so there are moments where it is difficult to track and communicate with one another.” Despite that, they managed to come together and check in on one another, resolving any miscommunication.

For Graris, the most impactful part of orientation was seeing everyone having fun and laughing together. She says that “Seeing the juniors enjoying themselves, opening up within their groups, making new friends [were the] moments that really warmed my heart because it shows the success of orientation.”

Programmes Committee posing with their committee identity!

On advice for the J1s, both Yin Ern and Graris agree that work-life balance is extremely important in JC. Yin Ern says that “As much as academics is important, self-care is equally as important too.” She suggests that at any point should you feel burnt out, to remember to take a break and spend time with family and friends, or enjoy the things you like to do on your own.

“New subjects, new environment, new people.” Graris emphasises that the JC journey will not be easy. Yin Ern acknowledges that “It is normal to feel slightly overwhelmed by the workload or just the style of learning. For the J1s slowly stepping into JC life, I think it is important to know that as long as you have tried your best, it is okay and it is enough.”

Graris advises the J1s to “cherish JC life.” She says “JC is a very fast-paced 2 years. Make the best out of what you have in JC and don't regret any decisions you make because there is no time for it.”

With LOVE from LOGI: Logistics Committee

From facilitating safety distancing measures to untangling raffia strings to cleaning up monkey poop, the Logistics Committee was an indispensable part of the Organising Committee!

Logistics Committee Head, Aurelia Cheng (21J05), says that the Logistics Committee had to rise up to face many challenges and meet the expectations that they had.

She highlights the importance of teamwork — Just a few hours before the commencement of the cohort display, the raffia strings that were supposed to form the outline of the lighthouse were tangled. Under time pressure, the Logistics Committee was extremely flustered and worried that the cohort display would not be set up in time. However, working together as a team, they managed to salvage the majority of the raffia strings.

The Logistics Committee posing “LOGI” together!

Keeping things fresh this year, the Logistics Committee also proposed and kickstarted a new initiative for Faros 2022 — giving out welfare and snack packs to participants and OC members. Aurelia says, “It was so much fun laughing and smiling along with my friends as we handed them out.”

To add on, Aurelia reveals that “seeing the pure, unadulterated joy on the OGLs’ and participants’ faces” was the highlight of Orientation for her!

Overcoming Obstacles: Media and Publicity Committee

Are you curious to know why the Media and Publicity Committee took pictures of the cohort display at the MPC, then edited it to look like it was taken at the field? Chua Ee Teng (21J06), Media and Publicity Committee Head, gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes on the challenges of setting up the cohort display.

“We couldn't fly the drone over the field due to the lack of a permit, but the hall wasn't tall enough for us to fly the drone safely there to get the shot,” Ee Teng explains, “so we ended up having to complete the cohort display at the MPC, and then piece the sections together to form a complete photo.” (You can check out the editing process at

Media and Publicity Committee, photo taken before Orientation

Being in the Media and Publicity Committee means that they had to film and edit a lot of footage — from storyline videos during Orientation to publicity material such as teaser videos and introduction posts that you can find on Instagram. Ee Teng shares “We had to put in a lot of work outside of dry runs and meetings to film, photograph, edit, and send the content for vetting.”

Ee Teng filming Chairperson Zhenbang’s speech for the Opening Ceremony

In spite of the challenges posed, the Media and Publicity Committee’s efforts have paid off, so why not revisit some of the videos they edited to look back on your Orientation experience?

Orientation Montage -

Orientation Cohort Dance MV -

We are the Chairpersons

Overseeing the entire planning and execution of Orientation are the Chairpersons. We invited Chai Hao Yuan (21J08) to share his insights from Orientation.

For him, the most impactful part of Orientation was seeing different committees hard at work, and collaborating across committees to deliver a unique Orientation experience for the J1s. He reflects that, “Despite the many challenges we faced along the way, it was still a very worthwhile experience, especially when we are able to work around [them] to deliver the full Orientation experience for our J1 students!”. For him, “It felt really heartwarming to see [the cohort display] coming together.”

Hao Yuan (right) with the Chairpersons

Overall, Orientation has been an eventful journey, and he says that if given the opportunity to do it all over again, “It would still be a yes!”

Finally, Hao Yuan has some advice for the J1s: “There may be times when you feel overwhelmed by the pile of tasks waiting for you to complete. However, remember that you always have [a] support system, your friends, your family, to seek comfort in!”


The success of Faros 2022 can only be attributed to the effort put in by everyone involved. It has been a truly fruitful and fulfilling experience for everyone involved!

The theme of this year’s Orientation is Faros, which means ‘lighthouse’ in Greek.

Thus, as J1s sail off on their JC journey, we wish every single one of you all the best! Although Faros 2022 has drawn to a close, RV, the unwavering, unshakeable lighthouse, will continue to be your guiding light in your journey.

Check out this link for full interviews:

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