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Setting Sail for New Adventures

By May Tan (20J19) & Ace Teo (20J20)

Joining RV earlier this year, the Student Editorial Club had the opportunity to spend some time with Mr Andy Lim Peng Yuan to find out more about him.

An avid fan of the manga series One Piece, Mr Andy Lim mentioned his love for the series’ art and adventure, as well as its ability to inspire him through the characters’ display of values like compassion, perseverance and courage in the pursuit of their dreams.

And it is these values that guides him in his own new adventures in RV.

Coming in as our new Vice-Principal, Mr Lim was met with challenges such as a great number of restrictions imposed on the school due to Covid-19.

However, he remains positive and commented that “rather than [Covid] affecting my work, it is actually an opportunity for us to look at how we can do things in a different way while achieving our intended outcomes.”

Real World Relevance

Having taught Geography and Social Studies in the past, Mr Lim struggled to find their relevance to students in his younger days. However, this changed as various issues were slowly brought to his attention.

“As you get older, you realise the relevance of these topics and how they affect us. It is now an area that I am interested in as it is linked to National Education, which I find it very important for youths to know about,” Mr Lim said.

In fact, after taking on his new responsibilities, Mr Lim expressed his nostalgia for teaching students in the classroom. However, he remains optimistic and continues to interact with students, even as the VP now.

“I walk around the school compound, immersing myself more into the school environment; striking conversations with students along the way to know more about them and their experiences in RV,” he said.

During his free time, Mr Lim would also spend time with his family, go for runs and read up on news articles. To him, it is important to keep yourself updated with current affairs as it helps one understand more about the inter-dependence of Singapore in relation to the world. Hence, Mr Lim encourages fellow RVians to do the same.

Heart to contribute

Being new to his responsibilities in RV, Mr Lim is shown to resonate strongly with RV’s aspiration of “A World-Class Institution”.

“Every RVian has the potential to be future leaders of distinction, leaders who are morally grounded, upright and attuned to global and local affairs, and the heart to contribute to the society.”

Ending off, our new VP hopes that RVians can continue to be confident in articulating our views and showcasing global competencies in terms of being aware of how global affairs have an impact on Singapore, and vice versa.

“To achieve all these aspirations, I want RVians to first see and believe in their own self-worth, and during their journey with RV, find a strong sense of purpose in what they do and actively pursue them.”

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