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RVHS-YSHHBSS Virtual Exchange Programme

By Siak Jing Wen (23J06), Leticia Lim (23J10)

The RVHS-Brunei Virtual Exchange 2023 successfully took place from 26 to 28 June, between River Valley High School and Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (YSHHB) Secondary School.

 (Top left: Mdm Choy Wai Yin, Principal of RVHS, Mdm Chong Li Chen, Principal of YSHHB Secondary. Bottom: Student participants from RVHS and YSHHB Secondary)

Welcome and Opening Addresses

The theme of this year’s exchange is Youth and Eco-stewardship in Southeast Asia. A total of 28 students from both schools participated, including 16 RVHS JC1s previously from CID4+ Ecology. 

There were many memorable highlights from our exchange and here are a few. Although the event was over three days, students from both schools collaborated on presentations for the virtual exchange since June. This provided us with the opportunity to work with and better understand our peers from Brunei.

Students from both schools engaged in lively discussion and meaningful sharing to deepen our understanding of Biodiversity, Resource Management and Waste Management. 

Various students presenters from RVHS and YSHHB Secondary sharing about their Eco-sustainability projects

Sharing by guest speakers from local universities, including the National University of Singapore and agencies such as the Brunei Darussalam Climate Change Secretariat, further enhanced the diversity of our insights on tackling environmental issues in both countries. 

Furthermore, immersive virtual tours by students showcased the unique culture and practices of each country, as well as the popular tourist destinations. 

Sharing of History, Culture and Places of Interest in Brunei

All in all, through this fulfilling journey, students from both RVHS and YHSSB broadened their worldviews and knowledge on the key aspects of environmental sustainability across Southeast Asia. It was indeed a truly refreshing and breathtaking experience for all involved!

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