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RVHS JC Drama SYF: A collaboration between languages

By Teow Yik Yee (23J10)

2024 marks our first collaboration between RVHS JC CLDDS (Drama) and ELDDS

(Drama). As one RV JC Drama, we presented our bilingual performance for the

Singapore Youth Festival at Gateway Theatre on 17 April 2024. We are delighted to

have been awarded a Distinction!

Cast and crew family picture.

Cast members of CLDDS and ELDDS JC Drama's performance "Where's Grandpa".

Our team comprises of Low Yu Zhe from (24J04), Jazz Chong Yu Xuan from (24J07), Li

Chenjia from (24J14), Luo Yuening from (24J15), Lai Sizhu from (23J05), Liu Tianjian

from (23J08), Teow Yik Yee from (23J10) and Zhang Huixin (23J17).

Getting ready for SYF AP 2024.

This merger between CLDDS (Drama) and ELDDS (Drama) is a temporary stopgap

measure for both teams. Despite our limited membership, JC Drama put our might,

heart and soul together. In 10 weeks, we successfully presented a moving story about a

boy who struggled to come to terms with his grandfather’s dementia. We are also

pleased to have engaged in a bilingual play promoting our school’s mission: To foster a

greater ability for bilingualism.

Celebrations are in order post SYF performance.

All these would not have been possible without the guidance of our coaches Ms Myra

and Ms Tanya, and the efforts from The Finger Players, who frequently gave pointed

feedback for actors to implement in our next dry run. Our senior, Gan Zi Ling of 21J12,

also helped us immensely in translating our script. Finally we are most grateful for the

unwavering support from our teachers (including Ms Valerie Tan, Ms Vicki Tay and Ms

See-Toh, Mr Tan Tzer Xiong and Mdm Ho Fui Fang), our school leaders and you.

It's a wrap! All cheers!

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