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Rest and Relaxation

By Zhang Huixin (23J17)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a tired student must be in want of a rest. As we begin the ever-hectic term 2, getting enough sleep and rest while preparing for SYF or NSG may seem impossible. It is no coincidence that I find more classmates sleeping than usual, or more coffee-buying by my friends (and I). However, there are some great places in RVHS where we can get some reprieve and de-stress a little. Through my 5 years of experience in RVHS and some gathered opinions from fellow students, here are the top resting spots in RVHS:

  1. Scholar’s Court

Possibly the most aesthetically pleasing area in RVHS, the lush bamboo trees and greenery make even the most stressed-out students calmer. Of course, it goes without saying that the swings are the real highlight of the Scholar’s Court. Those swings have seen history, from marks being left by graduating batches, to listening in on gossip sessions, heart-to-hearts between friends, or even just plain fun. Simply hop onto the metal swings with your friends, or even just by yourself, and let the motion of the swing draw you into a relaxing lull while you chat your heart out! 

No wonder everyone takes their photos here!

  1. Canteen

The canteen is the most crowded place during lunchtime – this is where most of the students go to refuel and chat with their friends. The circular tables along the field are great for socialising in a big group and doing class bonding due to the ease of merging the tables and moving the chairs around. The most number of school activities happen there too, from TGIF, RVFM and music performances, to the pop-up booths at the House or outside Rejuvenate that have fun initiatives. It won’t be an exaggeration to call the canteen the place with the most student activity. You may not be able to catch any Zs there, but you can definitely have a good time (and eat that delicious meal too)! 

Best TGIF song list by far!

  1. Rejuvenate

Opened in 2022, the room was transformed from a boring meeting room into a “rejuvenating” space filled with games equipment like tabletop ping pong and foosball tables, as well as beanbags. The beanbags may not be there anymore, and the foosball tables may be replaced by pool tables now; nonetheless, it is still a great place to relax, with the sofas and many board games available there. It is a great place to hang out with friends and have fun!

The old Foosball table is…very loved and used

  1. Collab Hub

It is to this reporter’s understanding that many people have enjoyed some amazing 3-hour naps here, without the interruption that one might get from napping at the library (due to teachers’ surveillance)! Hence, while this reporter herself has yet to properly visit this place, it is a great place for a good nap when you are dead tired after school. You can cuddle with a soft toy there too! Furthermore, as a “Collab Hub”, collaboration is encouraged there and you and your friends can have a proper study session without fearing dirty looks by other patrons when you want to discuss a question!

Great place for studying (and napping!)

  1. Eco Garden

Another beautiful place in our school, the lush greenery and ponds are a joy for any nature lover. The garden opened only early last year, but has already become a relatively popular spot with students with its fishes and greenery. That is not to mention the fun stone path and wooden benches located deep inside the garden, where it seems like the only things there are you and nature. PSA: Do spray mosquito repellent! Your dear reporter here got bitten twice on a short one-minute jaunt into the garden.

Yes, you can sit there and talk. It could be hot though. 

Honourable Mention:

Your classroom. Yes, the classroom that you study or stress in is also one of the best places to relax and chill with your friends, or just sleep (when you are tired enough, you can sleep anywhere). Some of you may already know this, some may not, but perhaps the best place to rest is the place where you feel the most at home <3

The many competitions and tests of term 2 will be upon us in a matter of seconds, and they say the best medicine is rest! So, whether you wish to get your rest at school or at home, I sincerely hope this handy little guide may have helped you to discover your favourite resting spot :D

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