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JC1 Orientation 2021 (Part 1)

By Chloe Lim (20J04) and Hannah Soh (20J18)

Now that we’re back to attending lessons in school, do you ever catch yourself feeling the post-orientation slump, or wishing you were back getting chased by zombies with your Orientation Group (OG)? Do you find yourself scrolling through your camera roll, playing out those moments in your head again and again?

If you’re vigorously nodding your head at these questions, you must be missing the JC1 Orientation 2021 that happened on the 29th of January, and from the 1st to 3rd of February this year! Besides the excitement you must have felt entering school to meet your OG on Day 1, we must not forget the new Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) students that we warmly welcomed into RV on that day.

We’re sure you’ve had tons of fun during Orientation, so don’t worry -- we’re here to help you reminisce the fond memories you’ve had with your group!


Here’s what some of your batchmates had to say about their experience!

From Aletheia, we got to interview Dawn Koh of AL4. We found out that the activity that stuck out to her the most was the “weapon making” one on the third day. She recounts, “I remember [we were] short of time to discuss how we could create a unique weapon based on the criteria given. However, we were able to have strong team dynamics and quickly sorted ourselves into various small groups to split the workload.”

In the end, they even managed to clinch the victory in the weapon-making contest!

Dawn (second from right) and her group members posing with their weapon!

Also from Aletheia, Koh Wen Ni of AL2 shared that she initially felt afraid to speak up as she was the only JAE student from her school. However, she realised that “people were welcoming and tried their best to include the JAE students. It was very heartwarming and [she] was able to make many new friends”!

AL2’s adorable group picture!

Moving on to Apollo, Tok Jun Hao of AP7 finds that he is going to miss the games in Orientation the most because of all the team bonding games they had to complete together. He ends off on a reminiscent note: “These are memories that will last for a very long time.”

AP7 not compromising on fun while adhering to social distance rules!

Next, we got to hear from a participant in the Aether house! Lee Jia Xuan of AE15 found it heartwarming to see the bonds between her group mates grow closer each day, regardless of their starting points.

“I am happy that I got to meet many new friends!”

AE15 showing off their house pose!

To anyone who harboured initial apprehensions about orientation, but thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the end, you’re not alone! Coming from Atlas, Su Myat Noe of AT17 advises future participants to keep an open mind and be positive because their expectations will always be surpassed in the end!

AT17’s sentiments on Orientation so far! 👍


For a better understanding of the group of RVians behind the four houses (Aletheia, Apollo, Aether and Atlas), we definitely have to get to know the main faces of each house -- the house captains!

Your favourite house captains in their respective house poses!

As the house captain of Aletheia, Tan Si Yi of 20J20 mainly guided the OGLs in facilitating and carrying out skill sets, and bonded the family, with the bigger aim of eventually fostering strong house spirits within groups of RVians through Orientation.

Here’s what she has to say about Aletheia: “I love how Aletheia is such a loving, inclusive and supportive family, although we might not be as loud or hype as the other houses!”

Good job to Aletheia for winning the best house award!

Besides Aletheia, we also looked for the house donned in green -- Aether!

Asher Pore of 20J07 told us more about the challenges he faced as the house captain of Aether. “[Due to the] restrictions imposed in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, every committee had their troubles, the OGL committee included, as we were unable to actuate mass [facilitator] trainings or briefings to engage the whole OGL body together.”

Regardless, they managed to overcome the obstacles, with Asher providing some useful advice: “We always need to surround ourselves with friends to weather the storm together!”

Aether in matching green outfits!


Last but not least, we must not forget the people who warmly welcomed you on Day 1, guided you through the 4 days, and will always be there if you ever need help in your JC life. Your experience in Odyssey 2021 would not have been possible without the friendliness of your very own OGLs!

If you thought that being an OGL was an easy task, Yap Min Yi of 20J11 proved that point to be wrong. Having facilitated AP6 from the Apollo house, she found that being an OGL was much more different than she had expected.

She commented, “It was 4 days straight of reaching home and being so tired that I didn’t even know when I fell asleep on the couch... but also 4 days of having so so much fun making friends with the people in my OG, playing games together with them and seeing them have fun in the games.”

AP6 having a good time!

When asked what he loves about his house, Atlas, Tan Wee Le of 20J04 simply replies “Everything”.

As an OGL of AT19, he says that Atlas welcomed him with open arms and accepted who he was. “Although we [didn’t know] each other at the start, I feel that we [became] a close knitted family by the end of orientation. Thank you Atlas for the new friendships forged and the countless memories together.”

Atlas cleverly spelling out their house name!

It is truly heartwarming to see how the OGL experience has led many to find long-lasting friendships, bringing out the ever-growing house spirit in RV.

With that said, while it was no easy feat for these house captains and OGLs to get your respective OGs to bond, we are certain that they have tried their best to make the experience most memorable for you, and here’s to hoping the bonds within your OGs never break!

Head over to for the full-length responses from our interviewees!

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