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Gap Exploration Month 2023

By Low Si Hui Jolin (23J13)

The Gap Exploration Month 2023 is a platform for JC1 RVIP (River Valley Integrated Programme) students to pursue their interest areas and explore new opportunities, such as internships, for their skills and knowledge development. It took place over the course of January 2023, involving all JC1 RVIP students across a variety of locations as there were multiple VIA, internship and part-time work opportunities

It never crossed my mind to take up an internship under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). However, RV’s Gap Month was the perfect opportunity to do so.

I came across this internship opportunity through the school’s email. Initially, I was hesitant about applying for it, believing that I was not qualified. Fortunately, my parents persuaded me to try, telling me that it would be a fruitful experience working under the government to understand the various jobs scopes in Singapore. Knowing that I am a creative but rational individual as an INTJ, MHA surprisingly accepted me and gave me the opportunity to leverage my strengths in the internship.

Delivering our final presentation during the internship

Initially, I thought working in a Ministry would be rigid and mundane, but I was wrong. MHA welcomed me with open arms, emphasising the importance of “work hard, play hard”. Under the programme, I embarked on learning journeys to places such as the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) and Home Team Academy (HTA), and also acquired soft skills such as communication and creativity, while working on my project on talent attraction for young people. I also participated actively in weekly badminton matches with the other interns. This amazing experience has helped me become wiser and more confident.

Weekly badminton matches with the other interns

Gap Month was not only about completing an internship - it also gave me time for self-enrichment and meaningful exploration, upskilling myself and having more first-time experiences. Some include improving my Japanese proficiency by reading the news in Japanese andexpanding my vocabulary, self-learning French, meeting various public figures (like DPM Lawrence Wong and Hakken), volunteering, emceeing, and more! From these unique experiences, I have upgraded myself whilst having fun and getting ample rest. As Gap Month draws to a close, I cannot express how thankful I am for the wonderful opportunities and experiences. If I could, I would love to experience something like Gap Month again.

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