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Forging Ahead Together, Embracing the Future/ 携手共进,展望未来 立化67周年校庆

By Tang Kexin/ 唐可欣 (3F)

To celebrate RV’s 67th school anniversary, students across the school came together to put up a one-of-a-kind skit that depicted the lives of RVians before, during and after the COVID pandemic.

The skit started with a scene of life before the pandemic. The school was bustling with activity as students prepared for upcoming competitions, teasing each other and lamenting about their academics while enjoying school life to the fullest - until the sudden onset of the Circuit Breaker. The joyous atmosphere instantly became tense as performers returned to the stage, holding stands that represented computers.

Filled with anxiety and uncertainty, the performers struggled while getting used to the “new normal”, with students and teachers alike facing many challenges throughout this period.

However, it was these challenges that allowed the RV spirit to shine through. In a showcase of RVians' collaborative spirit and never-say-die attitude, the performance showed how RVians took the initiative to help each other throughout the pandemic, forging ahead together while embracing the challenges that came their way.

The audience felt their hearts swell with optimism as Guo Jingyou (23J05) started singing 惜 (“Xi”). The RV Wushu members also joined the students in the hall to lead them in executing the

立化拳 (”Li Hua Quan”), which symbolises the indomitable spirit of RVians. The performance came to an impactful conclusion as the performers congregated on stage and recited the school values together as a show of unity.

Overall, the performers blew the crowd away with their extraordinary performance, highlighting the theme of the celebrations - “Forging Ahead Together, Embracing the Future”.

Many RVians, including alumni who returned to attend the celebrations, could relate to the skit’s message of moving together as one RV, hand in hand. Despite the fact that many of them did not have much experience in acting, they still managed to wow the audience with their well-coordinated and expressive performance that was enjoyed by all in attendance.





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