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Feeling down? Try these snacks to hype up!

By Chong Qing Ya (23J01)

Don’t you ever get the feeling that no matter how hard you try to concentrate in lessons, you just cannot focus enough? This problem worsens especially with the crunch time of all the upcoming tests, and staying awake until 3 am just to get homework done. With personal recommendations from fellow RVians, and from even our teachers, I’m sure your day will get just the zing✨ it needs for you to stay awake all day, and race towards your goals!

Here are some of the most popular snacks that RVians find most helpful for them!

1. Mint 🍬

Mentos, Tic Tac, Eclipse… basically anything mint. Notice how mint has a particularly refreshing smell? Try mints for an instant perk-me-up! The scent stimulates the brain, which triggers you to wake up and pay attention. You will also experience a boost in energy. They are also awfully handy to have, as they are packaged in small and easily portable boxes.

“The minty flavour is sharp, which makes it more difficult for me to fall asleep. The flavour is also new and strong.” said Zhang Huixin from 23J17

Have a favourite fruit? Mints are also available in many flavours, and you will surely be able to find your best fit! 💕

Image: Sweet section in one Value Dollar shop

Most importantly, mints are relatively affordable! You will be able to brighten up your whole day at a low cost. But of course, if you don’t really like mint due to its aftertaste, there are whole varieties of different sweets out there, waiting to make your day.

2. Caffeine ☕

This widely popular drink category is seen as a life saver for many students! Especially in JC, where caffeine is the driving force that gets many of us working.

Our own canteen store, Squish, sells Nescafe coffee. Feel free to pop down for a quick drink especially between long hours of lessons, to keep your energy level up 💪

I’m sure you are curious if teachers really recommend that you eat snacks.

Without further ado, let's delve into the world of teachers!

Ever wondered just what is in the staff room pantry? Well, here we go! 🛸

Image: Full snack corner in the staff room pantry

I see a variety of snacks there! From Khong Guan biscuits, Lexus, Dewberry to crackers… Nice snack choices! These biscuits help to fill our tummy, which is really useful when we are rushing from place to place, and we just don't have enough time to eat a full meal.

The variety of snacks also caters to different target groups, with plain crackers for those conscious of their sugar intake and jam-filled ones for those who want a pop of flavours and sweetness in their day.

Image: An almost empty snack corner in the staff room pantry

(All images are taken by Ms Amanlia Toh )

Hmm, maybe the lemon flavoured biscuits are not a favourite among the teachers? 😂😅

“Snacks are helpful because students often have a packed schedule, shuttling between classes and other extra-curricular activities. They may not have enough break times to eat proper meals and thus snacks are a quick way to satiate their hunger” said Ms Toh.

This is a reminder for you to not go hungry, and eat some biscuits as a fuel to go through your long day.

Image: A drink machine in the staff room pantry

Teachers need their caffeine boost too! The options on the drink machine sound absolutely delicious 😋

Of course, let’s not forget about healthy snacks

I recommend an apple. As the saying goes, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Not only can an apple keep you fit and healthy to face all the examinations to come, it can also energise and wake you up naturally. This is definitely a better option compared to snacks.

Also, Chinese Delights do occasionally provide apples as a compliment to their dishes. Do keep a look out and take one whenever available!

But regardless, please take all food in moderation, or it may bring more harm than benefit to us.

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