Enjoying December Holidays in 2020

By Chin Xin Yi (20J17)

Unfortunately, our December holidays have come to an end. Well, before you groan at the thought of having to go back to school, a fresh start in the new year actually sounds not bad!

Indeed, our lives have been a whirlwind lately. Luckily, we managed to make it through the year! Hooray! Singaporeans are well-known as avid lovers of travelling; there is no doubt that going on an overseas vacation has become a yearly tradition for many!

However, with the many travel restrictions in place to curb the spread of Covid-19, travelling overseas was a distant dream this year. Nevertheless, some RVians have found interesting ways to keep themselves entertained even without going abroad!

Values-in-Action Activity

With more time to spare during the holidays, this may be just the perfect time to participate in some meaningful Values-in-Action (VIA) activities! Over the course of the six-week break, you may choose to take up one or two more VIA activities to fill up your time.

While there is nothing wrong with that, it pales in comparison to this RVian, Goh Tian Ning of 20J17, who took part in six VIA activities this holiday! Some examples include the Festival of Light and Project B.T.S.

Photo from Taman Jurong Youth Network

However, she did mention that she still finds the VIA activity, Centres for Liveable Cities (CLC) - Community Visioning Workshop, the most memorable. Tian Ning’s task as a volunteer was to take down notes during the discussion session, which focused on the benefits of a new park that would be located at Pek Kio. However, this task was particularly challenging and confusing initially, as it was her first time doing something like this, and she was unable to keep up with the conversation at times.

Nonetheless, it was still a memorable experience for her. She gained some insights from the conversation, and tried her best even though it was not easy for her. She goes on to explain that she decided to take on more VIA activities since she has more free time now, and would be busier next year. According to her own experiences, she is always able to learn something new when she volunteers.

Therefore, you can be sure that gaining new skills and meeting new people are just some of the benefits that come along with this package. Plus, volunteering activities give you a good excuse to get out of your house and get some fresh air after slouching on your couch for many days. Don’t lie, surely some of you are guilty of this! If you come across one that you are particularly interested in, don’t hesitate to sign up. You can always make time to volunteer, even if it’s not during the holidays!

Spending Quality Time with Family Members and Friends

Other than volunteering, the holidays are also good times for you to reconnect with people you care about. Having spent most of your time mugging during school days, wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a break from all that studying and hang out with your friends and family members? You can discuss all the funny stuff that happened to you, while also gossip about the latest interesting news you have just heard, and share your concerns with each other.

Most importantly, you can finally treat yourselves to a delicious meal! After spending most of our time in school, some RVians often complain about being sick of RV’s canteen food – well, you might be, after eating similar food five days a week for years – even though it is not that bad in my opinion.

Most of the best and cheapest promotional deals happen during weekdays, which are unfortunately inaccessible to students most of the time since school ends rather late every day. With school out of the way during the holidays (well, mostly), surely many RVians have participated in one or a few!

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Time seems to fly when you are having fun, especially during the holidays. And as much you may hate to admit, you spend your money just as quickly, especially since you hang out with your friends more frequently during this period of time!

While many like to spend most of their time slacking around during holidays, this RVian, Cher Yue Yang of 20J17, has decided to take on a job during the holidays as a leaflet distributor.

At first thought, it seems baffling that one would take on extra commitments during the holidays. However, when inquired, he assures us that working as a leaflet distributor is quite free and easy. He is able to work at his own pace, and he doesn’t mind walking around as much.

The day starts with him visiting the distribution agency located at Toa Payoh to collect the flyers that will be given out later. After which, he would travel all the way to the designated HDB building, walk from door to door, slotting the flyers between the gaps of the metal door.

The same routine is carried out at twenty other HDB buildings, sometimes even more than that. When interviewed, Yue Yang mentioned that he wanted to earn some pocket money by working. However, despite the casual pace he is working at, this job is certainly tougher than what most people would expect.

Climbing more than three hundred flights of stairs while carrying the weight of six thousand flyers is no easy task. Hence, Yue Yang cherishes what he earns and is more mindful of what he spends his money on, making sure to take full advantage of various discounts and promotions.

Overall, if you’re looking to earn some cash over the holidays, working may be a viable option. Just make sure that you are not taking up too many commitments that you can’t handle!

Watching Dramas, Anime, Movies, and Just Slacking Around in General

Then again, you may wonder, our school days were filled with a hectic workload, waking up at the crack of dawn, and resting only in the dead of night. Why not spend some of this time slacking around during the holidays?

Well, you aren’t the only one who thinks this way! Surely, some of us have spent days just laying on our bed, binge-watching videos on YouTube, or playing games on our phones. We all have that one friend who would rather stay at home to watch their K-dramas rather than hanging out with us.

Well, after expending most of your efforts on homework and tests during school days, it does make sense to spend some time catching up on some of your favourite movies and television shows now!

Coincidently, Yue Yang happens to be a huge fan of films as well. He watched The Croods 2 recently, and really enjoyed it. He shares that this movie explores the importance of family values and learning to be understanding despite the difference. He adds that he would greatly recommend this show, as this film was meaningful yet engaging. It educates viewers on the importance of kinship, encouraging them to appreciate their loved ones more.

Photo from DreamWorks

On the other hand, Oh Wen Ci of 20J07 recommends another famous Chinese television show, Who’s The Murderer. This variety show features celebrities role-playing characters involved in a crime, as they try to solve the murder mystery. Each episode features a new mystery and aims to teach a specific lesson, for example, identifying domestic violence. Wen Ci also thinks that the crew has really succeeded in making a quality show that is fun to watch, yet still full of suspense. She finds this show particularly interesting because the show involves its viewers in solving the crime by releasing each clue slowly, encouraging them to analyse the evidence and make a guess.

Photo from IMDb

So, don’t forget to spoil yourself by spending time watching some of the newest films and K-dramas when you need it! Watch some festive movies on Netflix, or head down to the nearest cinema to get tickets for the action or rom-com movie you’ve wanted to watch for a while. A happy ending may just be what you need to lift your spirits during stressful times, whether it’s the pandemic or studying.

All in all, even if you are not one to travel during the holidays, these are some pretty fun things that you can do. Consider taking on some of these activities for your next holiday if you have not already!

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