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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

By Hudson Zhao (20J05) and Lin Jiawen (20J19)

RV Confessions. To some, it’s a relic of the past. To others, it’s a platform they barely know.

Regardless of how familiar you are with this platform, we’re sure that you’ve heard of RV Confessions before. Yes, it’s the platform that once transcended multiple social media platforms and was quite the rave back in the day, having originated in the early 2010s on Facebook before going onto Instagram in 2017.

For those who have been around long enough, you probably recall you or your friends scrolling through Facebook or Instagram to read the latest gossip. For others, you might have heard your friends talk about what used to be RV’s greatest social media account. RVConfessions posted confessions (duh) and occasionally memes (yay).

As 2020 draws to an end, we reflect on how it has been over a year since the last update from the account. But one question remains unsettled. Who exactly is behind RV Confessions? What made them want to commit to such a page that brings, or rather brought RVians so much joy and entertainment? Your burning questions will be answered, as the ex-admin of the RV Confessions Instagram page has agreed to an interview with us.

Here’s what they had to say about the journey!

1. What drove you to join RVC, after the period of inactivity?

Actually I just randomly saw the previous admins looking for new admins one day and decided it might be interesting to try. Not gonna lie, I didn’t really have huge ambitions for this when I took up the role. In hindsight, I think it did open my eyes to what RVians truly think though.

2. What’s the weirdest confession you’ve received?

Hmm... I actually don’t remember. They were all quite, er, interesting. Although there are some strange trends like “top 10 boys/girls in year x” things going around in the piles of confessions. And people confessing/trolling about their crushes (you can never really tell which ones are true and which are just trolls).

3. How do you feel when those around you talk about RVC yet you can’t expose your identity?

It’s lowkey like “Ha I run the school admin page but you won’t actually know muahahahah”

Jokes aside, sometimes I get tempted to tell them - but then I don’t really want to risk having almost the entire school know me!

4. Have you ever thought about exposing your identity? Why or why not?

Nah, not ever, maybe except to this person who suggested I do this interview piece. I think the amount of attention you get by being an admin of a school confession page is going to be way too much for me to handle.

Perhaps the predecessors before me would have quoted different reasons, but this is my main take.

5. How do you feel about being able to provide a platform for RVians to vent & share their stories?

In my opinion, it’s generally something with good intentions. I like having helped people let loose of their feelings, especially if it’s difficult to raise it to people they know; been there, done that.

Sometimes it’s slightly strange, because there were quite a handful of troll confessions and they can be hard to tell apart from other legitimate ones. Other times, people post feedback about school things and while they were technically allowed on the page, I do hope that people raise these concerns directly to the student council in the future!

6. What other content would you have wanted to put up?

Hmm, I didn’t think about that at that point of time, but if polls and question stickers existed back then, I may have put up more of those, just to see what trends are going around in school and what people are concerned about. It would be interesting to put up statistical analyses of these story posts too!


With that, we thank the ex-admin for their insights, and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Today, RV Confessions may not be the talk of the town (or school) as it once was, with other pages such as @gagsofrv taking on that role. However, we believe that it’s definitely still something that many of us will remember whenever we think about our RV lives.

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