A must-watch: The Hate U Give

By Rachel Wee (19J10)

Perhaps you have heard about the book, or maybe you were wondering why the title has a “U” rather than a “you”.

With the recent uproar about racism in Singapore due to the e-pay advertisement and the response rap video, there is no time more apt than now to find out more about how people deal with this heavy issue in other parts of the world.

You will not be disappointed.

Here’s why you should watch this movie: (no spoilers ahead, so don’t worry!)

1. It Brings Light to New Perspectives

There has been a multitude of events where real-life racism has been brought to light in the news, but can we actually put ourselves in the shoes of those involved? Whether it is the perpetrator, victim or even the people around them, there are many situations that would likely go unnoticed to the uninvolved. In such cases, is it even clear who the perpetrators and victims are? In dealing with complicated and controversial issues like racism, lines separating right from wrong are often blurred, and it sometimes comes down to a matter of perception.

2. Its Plot is Well Developed

This movie shows how racism is multifaceted, perhaps instigated by one incident but aggravated by another. Within such situations, people may tend to overlook their words or actions, not knowing how it can affect others. This creates room for misunderstandings and animosity, as you will see in the movie.

3. It creates a roller coaster of emotions

Suspenseful scenes, moving scenes, sad scenes, or purely joyful scenes, this movie has it all. It infuses social commentary seamlessly into a production that one would be willing to watch purely for entertainment purposes, though you are likely to come out of it with greater insights on some serious and heavy issues.

4. It may teach us a thing or two about our own society

Racism may seem distant to some, but it exists within our own society too. Whether we are part of the majority or part of a minority group, there is definitely something everyone can relate to.

5. It teaches us how in the world, we are actually more similar than we are different

In Singapore, we celebrate Racial Harmony Day every year, but deep down, what significance does it actually have to each one of us? No matter what races are involved, racism is a universal issue likely to be subtle and insidious, and this movie portrays it very conspicuously.

6. It is based on an extremely well-received novel of the same title

As with any movie adaptation of a book, certain details differ from paper to screen, but the movie is definitely comparable to the novel, and if you have the chance, I would recommend reading the novel too. It is not one to be overlooked! Just look up the reviews - the overwhelming responses bear witness to its greatness.

In any case, no one should pass up the chance to watch “The Hate U Give”, a work of art likely to evoke strong emotions, while bringing across an even stronger message.

Because ultimately, the hate you give others, hurts everyone.

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