a letter from me to you

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

By: Lee Jia Ren (19J09), Fan Wenrui (19J11)

To RV's newest (awesome) additions,

“Hey JC1s, welcome to the JC life!”

-Sun Ya Qi, 19J19

How’re your first few weeks in RV? Are you still having mixed feelings? Well, just one year ago, RV received its first batch of JAE students, and they were definitely equally nervous and excited! Student Editorial Club took the liberty of conducting interviews with this pioneering batch of JAE seniors, and it is their responses that shaped this short but sweet letter. Enjoy!

new beginnings

“I’d say it’s okay to feel scared, but remember that you are not alone.”


Are you worried about fitting in? Overwhelmed by RV’s different school cultures and norms? Feeling a little lonely surrounded by strange faces? Just like you, we were all a little lost and awkward, some of us finding it hard to stay positive being in an unfamiliar environment. Each of us had our own worries and problems to cope with, but we were definitely all nervous and uncertain. So it’s okay to be scared! This place may seem new and scary to you know, but with time, you would surely make some of the best memories here with all of us!

the gift of friendship

“Through JC1, I've made so many more friends than expected and forged so many precious friendships. Thinking back, it wasn't just the friendly and nice people I’ve met in rv that led to me liking and embracing RV now, but it was more about the mindset and perspective i had.”

-Crystal Toh, 19J01

It’s inevitable to feel out of place in your first year, but don't let those moments define who you can become. Instead, stay positive, proactive and welcoming of new relationships. You’ll find that RV has some of the warmest, friendliest and most accepting humans ever! Open up your hearts and step out of your comfort zone to interact, and soon enough the barriers will be broken down. Then, all you have to do is cherish these newly-forged bonds, and believe us, they will become one of the best parts of your RV life.

be fearless

Remember, time flies, but you're the pilot! Create a JC experience for yourself that you will never forget!!

Sara-jean Choo, 19J09

In RV, there will be many platforms where you can shine, but it will be up to you whether or not you want to seize the chance. There will be plenty of leadership opportunities like Junior College Student Council (JCSC), Ylead, OVIA, OAP and CCAs! These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, so don’t let them slip away! Of course, remember to juggle your studies well but never hold yourself back from signing up for these events. Because if you don’t, how will you ever know if it was worth the effort?

As Mark Twain says, “twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off your bowlines and sail away from the safe harbour.”

with love

That’s all from us! There’s so much more to say that this letter can’t possibly contain, but if you’re struggling, feel free to ask for help from us, your friends, and even teachers. Remember, we’re all on your side! Always stay happy, healthy and loved, okay?

“Whether RV was your ideal school or not, you’re already here, so make the best out of it while you could! All the best because I believe in you!!”

-Wang Jingwen, 19J20

Student Editorial Club would like to thank our fellow schoolmates for their wholesome responses:

Crystal Toh, 19J01; Cherie Yong, 19J09; Sara-Jean Choo, 19J09; Kailun, 19J10; Ruth Chua, 19J11; Jiang Zhongzhe, 19J11; Sun Yaqi, 19J19; Wang Jingwen, 19J20

Check out their full responses in the slideshow below!

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