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3 Lessons from Genshin Impact

By Deng Jirui (23J02)

As an RV student, I’m sure many of you may have heard of certain Genshin characters before, or even enjoy playing Genshin in your spare time. But do you know? While every Genshin character is fun to use, we can also learn many good values from them that we can apply to ourselves!

Released in 2020, Genshin Impact is a popular Action RPG Gacha game that has taken the world by storm. With its exciting gameplay, diverse character design, and intriguing lore, Genshin has amassed a large player base of 60 million active players globally as of 2023. 

Without further ado, here are 3 important lessons that we can learn from 3 awesome characters in Genshin!


Desiring to become a Lion Dancer ever since he watched a performance as a child, Gaming worked hard to hone his skills to realize his dream. However, he faced opposition from his father, who wanted Gaming to succeed to the family business instead. Despite that, Gaming ultimately still chose to pursue his passion, realising that doing what he loves is more important to him as it brought him unparalleled joy and fulfilment. Thus, he departed from his village for the bustling Liyue Harbour, where he planned to showcase his talents as a lion dancer and carve a livelihood out of it.

Unfortunately, the youth's passionate pursuit of his dream exhausted all the funds he had saved up before leaving home, and he failed to earn enough to cover the costs, leaving him broke. That was when Gaming was confronted with the harsh reality that his dream to make a career out of his passion was unsustainable, and he needed to find a stable job first.

So, Gaming started working for a transport agency, where he finally found a stable source of income. Now that Gaming can finally put food on the table, he performs his lion dance in his free time, delighting and inspiring countless audiences.

What we can learn from him: Pursue your passion

Gaming’s determined and relentless pursuit of his dream in the face of disapproval and challenges is highly admirable. He takes ownership of his own decisions, chooses the path that brings him fulfillment and happiness and refuses to let others impose their will on him. Similarly, we should also strive to pursue our own hobbies and interests without being swayed by societal expectations or pressures, embracing our uniqueness and individuality to live authentically and fully.

On the other hand, his story also showcases the reality that spending too much time on hobbies may not be sustainable in the long run if we do not plan or balance our efforts properly. For example, overindulging in our hobbies may lead us to spend less time on or even neglect other commitments, be it in academics or personal life.

Overall, I encourage RVians to indulge in their hobbies while striking a balance with other aspects of life. While hobbies are enriching and enjoyable, it’s important to exercise moderation to ensure that they enhance, rather than detract from, your overall well-being.


Bennett is a cheerful, friendly and energetic adventurer, but cursed to have terrible luck. Any treasure chest he finds would contain vegetables instead of valuable items and he will get frequently injured no matter how many precautions he takes. To make matters worse, any adventure group he organised would be immediately disbanded after the first outing, which always ends in disaster (e.g. encountering landslides when treasure chests are in sight) and group members blaming Bennett for dragging them down with his misfortune. 

However, Bennett doesn't let misfortune hold him back from adventuring with as much enthusiasm as he did on his very first outing. He is always bettering himself, despite his relentless bad luck. 

What we can learn from him: Embrace optimism 

Bennett stays positive and dauntless in the face of countless hardships. Similarly, we should also adopt an optimistic approach when confronted with various challenges. Granted, it is easier said and done, especially when you encounter difficulties that happen unexpectedly or seem impossible to tackle. But it is then especially important to remind yourself that while some things in life are out of your control, it is how we face up against hardships that determine whether we can overcome and rise out of our challenges.

I believe that embracing optimism makes us more resilient and motivated for the future, empowering us to bounce back quickly from setbacks. I wish all RVians the best of luck in conquering adversities, personal or academic, with unwavering optimism, just like Bennett does!

Jean Gunhildr 

Jean Gunhildr is the Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius, a force defending the nation of Monstadt from threats. She possesses a strong devotion to serving her nation, leading the order of knights to maintain peace and security. Her responsible and dutiful nature also shines in how she does her best to solve the various issues that Monstadt citizens face, no matter how trivial, earning the appreciation and respect of citizens. 

What we can learn from her: Responsibility and leadership

I’m sure all of us bear various responsibilities, in CCA or in other areas. And just like Jean, we should aspire to fulfil our duties as much as possible and do it well, leaving no regrets.

Furthermore, Jean shows us that leadership isn’t simply about holding a position of authority. It is more importantly about making a positive impact on others through your decisions and actions. So, we should all aim to uplift and support those we lead, bettering others and fostering an environment of growth.

To end off, these Genshin Impact characters offer us a wealth of valuable qualities we can draw inspiration from and apply to ourselves. Whether it’s Gaming’s fiery passion, Bennett’s optimism, or Jean’s excellent leadership and unwavering responsibility, let us embrace the lessons learnt from them to become the best version of ourselves.

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